1. I have recently discharged or in the process of and would like to know what I do from here? Can you assist me? Head to our website support page and familiarise yourself with who we are and what we stand for. Then please Register with us and one of our team will be in contact. We do this 1:1, there are no lengthy forms to complete.

2. Once I register, what happens? You will receive a call from one of our team within 48 hours. We want to talk to you! you wont disappear into the database. Post this initial conversation our team will then be able to guide you on ‘what happens next’.

3. Do you also assist defence spouses? 100% Yes. We’ve had some great outcomes whereby we’ve secure employment for the Serving Member and in the process identified opportunity for partners to de-risk the move if its been required. Simply ask your partner to register with us however always include a personnel email to: support@ironsidegroup.com.au that way we’ll know where the connection lies. 

4. Do you have roles available other than whats advertised on your website? Yes absolutely. This is why its critical to register with us and send in a copy of your CV. We have many roles on our Website / Facebook page but we also recruit for roles under the radar and in partnership with long term clients whereby we don’t need a specific job opening to put you forward. We need visibility over you, your background and your current sit rep.

5. Can you assist me with my CV? Yes. We have a fantastic CV writer on our team who has extensive experience working with ex-service personnel and defence spouses on their CV’s and Key Selection Criteria. If you would like assistance with CV Development email Glen on glen@ironsidegroup.com.au

6. Whats the best way to keep up to date on Job Openings and News/ Updates?  Follow us on Facebook and make sure you check in regularly on our website news. Also feel free to pick up the phone and check in with us 0488996040.

7. I’m really unsure as to what I want to do. To be honest I just need a job and fast? We are owned and operated by people who know what it means to serve. People who appreciate the value of your ADF service and who understand the choices and challenges you’ll face first hand. You wont find another recruiter out there like us. Whilst there are no guarantees that we will be the ones to find you that job, we will advocate pretty bloody hard on your behalf.
If you have any other questions please email us at support@ironsidegroup.com.au
The ISR Team