Glen Ferrarotto’s recent piece from the Australian Career Practitioner – an open and honest look at his own transition from Military service and how that now shapes his leadership of  Ironside and guiding Industry’s journey when it comes to hiring veterans.

“How do we translate what it means to serve and how that meaning can deliver strategic advantages to an organisation? The answer is not simply a CV. 2 pieces of paper. The answer is partnerships. Partnerships created by specialist agencies like ours delivering an outcome for clients. Ironside Recruitment has been creating pathways to new civilian careers for veterans for 7 years now based on that exact theory. Our partnerships allow us to inform decision-makers, hiring staff and recruiters inside large and small business as to the skills, qualities, values and trainability of our veterans. We mitigate the value of those two pieces of paper and in doing so, we influence hiring strategy based on human interaction and capability not written text”.

Read Glen’s article here