Ironside Recruitment today announced a partnership with Fortescue which has led to new careers for 51 veterans across two sites in Australia’s Pilbara region. 

CEO of Ironside Recruitment, Glen Ferrarotto commented:

“Ironside Recruitment has worked with clients in this sector for quite some time, assisting them in finding the best technical talent as well as looking beyond the ‘hard skills’. The challenge has been awareness, since much of the population is not routinely exposed to the military or the extensive training and characteristics unique to our men and women of Service.

Our veterans spend up to 70% of their Defence Force life training and learning new skills which means employing them for attitude and training for the job cannot be a better strategy. They havean inherent understanding of safety, the ability to operate in complex environments, high levels of resilience and many veterans attain Nationally recognised Trade Qualifications. Together, with Fortescue we have been able to deliver one of Australia’s largest intakes of veterans into the mining industry”. 

The mining industry’s ongoing need to maximise productivity and profitability mean companies and particularly its HR professionals are tasked with developing strategies that ensure they retain the talent skills they require, while balancing shifting market conditions. Looking beyond the typical resource pool is and will become increasingly important. 

Linda O’Farrell, Fortescue’s Group Manager Fortescue People commented: “Building on their experience as heavy road transport auto-mechanics, the veterans participated in Fortescue’s Rapid Trades Upskilling program, a four week course allowing them to specialise inheavy mobile equipment mechanics and complete high risk work licences.”

Our veterans’ recruitment program has been extremely successful and we look forward towelcoming more members of the defence community to the Fortescue family,” Ms O’Farrell said.

In an effort to promote the benefits of employing former Defence Force personnel and building a strategic veteran workforce,  Ironside Recruitment co-hosted a panel discussion on Friday 30th November in Perth, WA.

“There is real strategic value in hiring ex-service personnel; they have the ability to increase productivity, satisfy capability gaps and therefore provide organisations with a competitive advantage. If you’re not including veterans in your own strategic workforce plan ask yourself the question, why not?” Mr. Ferrarotto said.


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